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The idea of creating the Support Center for blind and partially sighted people with multiple disabilities came into being because of parents and caretakers of people with these disorders, who met in the Association of Parents and Friends of the Blind and Partially Sighted Children 'TĘCZA' ('RAINBOW').
The Association currently runs three rehabilitation facilities in Warsaw. They are day care institutions that guarantee education, rehabilitation, care & treatment, with a program aimed primarily at children and young people.
The 'TĘCZA' facilities have been up and running for twenty years what means that some of their pupils already require specific actions aimed at adults.

Driven by the need to help their loved ones and to provide further active rehabilitation to adult protégés of the 'Tęcza' Association the parents established the 'Tęczowy Dom' ('Rainbow House') Foundation and came up with the idea of the Support Center.

The land that belongs to the Foundation is 8000 sq.m large (40x200 m). It has access to electricity and water.

The components of the Support Center:

1. The House - a center for permanent residence

2. Multidisciplinary rehabilitation center for people with multiple disabilities


1. The House for permanent residence

Living rooms (bedrooms) for 40 people - 20 rooms with full sanitary equipment.

The rooms should be equipped with:
• standard or special furniture depending on the needs,
• sanitary facilities adapted to the needs of people with the most severe
damage to the nervous system;
• alarm system: calling for help, video surveillance / where needed.

Room dimensions adapted to the requirements of the provisions laid down for such centers.

The House for permanent residence will also consist of:
• rooms for night shift staff,
• an office for a nurse on duty,
• dining /TV room / for the protégés with necessary services provided,
• a social room,
• sanitary rooms,
• offices

The following facilities:
• a kitchen with a back room with a full professional equipment,
• laundry room,
• necessary storage rooms,
• technical rooms

Due to the nature of disabilities a terrace in each room is advisable.
All living rooms will be located on the ground floor.
It is essential to have radio services in all of the rooms connected with nurse's office.

2. Rehabilitation Center & Administrative facility

Designed for the home residents and patients admitted to rehabilitation within the National Health Fund (NFZ) or individually. We are planning to have rehabilitation rooms which will include:

• Reception,
• Doctor's office - internal medicine, optical and other,
• Specialist's office: psychological, speech therapy, vision therapy,
• Office / Room / physiotherapy and massage,
• A small gymnastic-rehabilitation room with a sanitary facility,
• Water rehabilitation equipment,
• Offices for occupational therapy: therapeutic kitchen, ceramics, plastic art, wickerwork

Administrative facilities

Office rooms for management and the administrative-accounting staff.

The residents:

People of all age groups

• Weakness of vision or lack thereof,
• Cerebral palsy,
• Delayed psychomotor development,
• Autism,
• Hearing disorders, deafness,
• Damage to the central nervous system,
• Genetic syndromes,
• Other chronic diseases

All residents of the 'Tęczowy' House will receive:

• 24/7 care,
• care, food,
• supply of personal hygiene products

In addition, the protégés will be provided with a full range of activities:
• educational or re-educational, depending on the age and perception abilities

• rehabilitation and treatment with diagnostics, which will be held in the Rehabilitation Center that will be connected with the House of Permanent Stay with a catwalk