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The „Tęczowy Dom" Foundation was founded by parents and guardians of blind and partially sighted adolescents with other central nervous system disorders. The question "what next?" is very difficult for caretakers and parents of their no longer children but grownups with such severe medical conditions. Parents grow old and the mere thought of leaving a relative without guaranteed full time professional care is heartbreaking for them and simply unacceptable. That is the reason why this year we started a campaign "Adult Children" to promote the Foundation's actions.

The Foundation is a non-profit organization and is registered in the National Court Register.
Among the objectives of the Foundation we list: "running a twenty-four hour stay home for people with disabilities; with nursing and caring services."
Therefore, an initiative arose to build a round o'clock nursing home under the name "Tęczowy Dom" Support Center for the blind and partially-sighted.

The idea of the Center is to provide full time care, rehabilitation and re-education for 40 blind or partially sighted people with additional locomotor disabilities and mental retardation.

This undertaking is beyond the Foundation's financial capabilities.
For years, we have been collecting funds through charities, but the amount collected is still not enough to build the Centre on our own.

Our dream Support Center will be built in Wolka Wybraniecka, a small town located 30 km from Warsaw, where the Foundation owns a 8000 sq. m. piece with power and water access.
The local authorities of Wolka Wybraniecka are very interested in our Support Center project and have promised to build access roads to it.

The dream of starting the construction works of the "Tęczowy Dom" is shared by its future residents who are currently attending daily classes in institutions run by the "Tęcza" ("Rainbow") Association of Parents and Friends of the Blind and Partially Sighted Children, and are more than 25 years old and should make room for younger children waiting in line for admission..